How I lost 40 Kg – Tips for Losing Weight

This is a really embarrassing post, but whatever.

I found Colin’s diet contest thingy sometime when I was reading about Rails, 9rules and 37signals, I’m not sure what led me there but I thought this should make a refreshing post to my blog.

To keep it short, I used to weight 125 kg when I was friggin’ 16! That’s a whole 275 pounds. It was completely absurd. I’m 187 cm tall, that’s 6′ 1.6″, so 125 kg wasn’t right at all.

8 months later, I’m 87 kg, jumping like a monkey, happy like there’s no tomorrow.

So what did I do? Now, you have to understand that I’m neither a professional trainer nor am I a doctor, so you probably shouldn’t take this too seriously, especially not when its life-threatening or something. Here are a few tips and conclusions from my experience:

  • If you want to lose weight start now! Not next week, not tomorrow, but right now. Throw away that tasty candy, get rid of all greasy food, and go out jogging.

  • Special diets never work. Ever. If you lose your weight by following a diet, you’ll gain it back in just a few months. You need to eat, your body needs every type of food, from healthy vegetables to fat slobby hamburgers from time to time.

  • Eat properly. Get rid of your snacks and in-between-meals pleasures. Have three meals a day, make the last one bread and sugar-free.

  • Breakfast is the most essential meal, make sure you have it. It has to have everything, meat, milk, bread, vegetables and if you really feel like it you can have some sweets.

  • Don’t believe the myths of no-juice, no-fruit, non-fat diet cheatsheets. You can eat all you want, as long as it’s on breakfast. By the end of the day, your body simply burns and gets rid of the excess.

  • Try not to lose more than 1 kg per week. Excessive weight loss can be damaging, and you end up gaining more eventually.

  • Exercise, exercise, exercise. I can’t stress it enough. The basic idea is to burn a tiny bit more calories than what you consume. Once you start, get rid of the scales and start tracking your progress with a mirror. You wanna look good after all, don’t you?

  • Mass weight adds up to fat weight, remember that. When you start to exercise you lose lots of weight, but then you stop at a point where you can’t lose any more. That’s mass. If you’re exercising properly you’ll end up gaining more weight, but that’s good weight.

  • Heavy-lifting and body building shape a figure, but they don’t help you burn fat. 20-30 minutes of daily cardio (or sex) do. That’s how you can get those tight abs, burn fat.

  • Though I lost weight by doing body building, I used to do three out of four sets with light weights, the fourth set was extra heavy just to make me feel good (see point below).

  • Make sure you’re happy, even if it’s on the expense of your diet. If that means you just have to have that snickers in the morning, then by all means do it. If you start getting depressed, you’ll never lose weight, you’ll end up eating more.

  • Passion is a like a snowball, once you start working out you’ll start liking it, automatically eating less, and your body will choose the food for you so follow your cravings.

  • Don’t worry, you look fabulous.

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  1. I’m part of the contest with almost the toughest mission,
    oround 27KG to lose, 2 of them are alreay gone and still

    Helpful tips, simple and direct, I wish you won’t need them in
    the near future, I gain these extra 30 KG since I moved to UAE
    4 years ago, and as I understood from your blog that you moved
    here too, but I think you already have a system for yourself
    and won’t fall in the trap of extra weight again ;) good luck
    and thanks…

  2. It’s not really a system, it’s just proper nutrition, and I
    have to admit that I gained a little weight here. Emirates’
    weather isn’t the best for taking a jog on the beach.

    Good luck with your contest, though I’m sure you won’t need it.

  3. Hey, this is good advice. I’ve been approaching my weight loss
    the same as you and Chris Pirillo. I’ve been just making small
    changes to my life style (eating right, exercise). All the
    changes I feel like I can live with. I don’t think I could
    revert if I tried. So far I have lost 20lbs.

  4. You’re right, the whole point is to change a person’s
    lifestyle and not just lose weight.
    The good thing is, once you’re used to it, it’s very difficult
    to go back.

  5. IM actually 16 and i want to lose exactly 27(kg) !! my weight
    is 99(kg) and im 172(cm) Tall !! i Really need to work out !
    and thank you for the notes i may consider them in my
    diet ”process” .. !!

  6. True true, I agree we have to make changes to our eating habits and add workouts. I started out at 86kg 16 months ago. I lost 18kgs after 12 months. My weight reached its plateau at 68kg for a while. However, I started on an hour aerobics 6days a week and tried my very best to leave carbos out during dinner. I had lost another 6kg to this date. I am very happy with my progress but I will give a different approach to my workout. To lose another 2kg in another 3 weeks. I will have belly dancing classes + high impact aerobics sessions to my workout. I hope this will move my scale to 60kg soon. Best of luck to all of you and me too. hehe.

  7. Wow! I’m really glad to see another success story!! I’ve been so happy since I began my diet.

    Congratulations on your success!

  8. I want to be a part of this mission were i can loose 10 kg of the excess wight that i carry.

  9. Good stories.
    i did the same thing, went on a diet, and the thing is: Have a good filling breakfast, at lunch eat half size of your breakfast, and have dinner only size of a knuckle and best is not to have dinner after 6 oclock. Eat healthy stuff, chocolate and cheese is good in small quantities.
    I started boxing and now i do 3 times a week 2 hour workout and i run 3 times a week and stretch every morning, pushups, sit ups, about 5 sets each of 30.
    the result is 3 months ago my weight was 69.5 kg, now IM 65.3 kg, and that s not even diet just food that i feel like eating and good excercises.. also my height is 172cm or 5 8′ feet

  10. IM 14 yrs old…im 157 tall…my waight is 50 kilos
    and i wanna lose wight…ppl say i aint fat but i still want to be 40 and not 50…and ill tryto do what u said…thnx for the tips it will help me from now and on…thanxxx

  11. so dos this reely work wf excercising…cas if som1 did try it and it worked plz tll me…like i meen comment back

  12. Sarah, this isn’t a system, it’s just a few tips. It worked for me, so I thought I’d share it.

    By the way, since you’re 157, I think you should weight 47 and not 40. But then again, a mirror and a nutritionist are your best judges.

  13. Hi IM 16 years old and 100kg!
    I am 174cm, AND I NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT!!
    I need to lose atleast 40 Kg in 8 months because i want to look good in my graduation!! If anyone has a diet or any tips or anything PLEASe send me an email!!! because i struggled with the same weight for 5 years and i never lost anything, so please if anyone has any kind of tip or a diet just send me an email, Thanks!!

  14. I just want to say some things about losing weight…

    I am 17 years old, i am 189cm tall and i used to weitht 135kg and now i am 94kg and keep loosing weight andi want to help u all in starting or continuing your diet.
    1) Eat all kinds of foods (proteins, vegetables, fat, even sugar and candies in small amounts though) i used to eat almost only proteins without vitamins and the rest, so i started loosing my hair (reversable situation, but uncomfortable)

    2) Work out regularly and quit smoking (i did both of these, and i feel better than ever)

    3) Lose weight at a small pace. I lost 41+ kg’s in less than 5 months. The result is that my skin has made “wrinkles” that are quite antiesthetic (although they can be fixed by using special creams)

    4) If you want to eat something fatty, it’s better to eat it in the morning, instead of eating it before going to bed.

    5) Never forget to excercise, it’s good both for your health and for your look (belive me, if you workout for 2 weeks, difference can be easily seen)

    Theese are my advice about how to lose weight (i may be wrong cause i am not a doctor or sth, but i have personal experience on dieting) sorry for my bad English cause i am a bit drank (just got home from a club, celebrating my whole new not fat life :) (unbelivable great feeling)


  15. Pollellielina WAQATAIREWA TARAI! Jan 7, 2008
    at 9:24am

    YO YO YO SUP MAYUN!! dhahaha i like ur tips they r hella funny oi!! nah foa da serious now!! imma try et hardout coz i am only 16!! although i will have to miss the cardio tip though ahaha coz u knoe i am fob<— DAS PACIFIC ISLANDER! and i kind of dnt want a hiding!! weo’z yea!! nah ummz i will holla at chu when it stats working! but i am praying et does!! i dnt want to die early!! BLAH! weo’z imma gap et!! TAKE CARE AND GODBLESS!! thanks a heap!

  16. hey…………ur post is an insperation…

    i am 6′ 4” and weigh 125kg…………am 27 yrs old……have to loost nearly 40kg asap………..or else have to compromise a lot with life……..

    thanks 4 the post……….will start following it from rt now………..cheers!!!!

  17. whattttttttt ???!!!! 1 kilo per week ??????? hey that is not judge :D:D … i think youth their first step 4 kilos per week then 3 , 3 , 3 , 3 , 2 , 2 , 2, 2 ,2 ,2 , 2, 2 until they reach the sample weight … i think that is right , or what ??

  18. Hey..I’ve read all the know I lost 6kg in about 2 weeks just eating one thing the whole day..ha ha..i mean i had only potatoes the one day,the other was only eggs..or fish,meat..whatever..but that’s it for the day,nothing else.I think it helps.I was 73kg and needed to lose 10kg,well i lost 6,now i gained 2,but I’m starting my “diet” tomorrow and i hope to lose 6 more.I suggest you,because it’s easy,but remember drink a lot of water maybe 2l or 2.5l a day..and may be just a simple walk but min 30minutes a day.It depends on the organism,but I can assure you that it won’t harm you if you try ;)

  19. I totally agree with this.I am facing the same overweight problem infact i started with a similar program 4 weeks ago.I was 94Kgs now i am 87.8Kgs.I feel good and confident to loose the extra 10Kgs soon.
    here is my diet
    mornig breakfast:
    2 slides brownbread with little honey
    One Egg without yolk
    Melon or any fruit bowl sometimes i add orange juice(unsweetened).
    Tea (no sugar) used to it :)

    For lunch again 1 slide or Brownbread,
    chicken grilled 1 small piece with some gravy very small quanitity.
    Bowl of salad – includes lettuce,carrot,cucumber,some olives at times some mushrooms,tomato.(without any dressing just little salt and vinegar or little curds instead.) i drink lots of water during lunch.
    Evening just a cup of tea with my fav biscuits like hobnobs or marie(just 1 or 2 of them).
    and then straight to dinner with salad(same as above)and 1 brownbread with some cooked veggies.

    in the night i do eat some fruits like orange,plum,peach etc.I try to avoid bananas etc.
    it helped me hope it helps you guys too.

    best of luck..
    cheers -zubair

  20. irish_damien Aug 25, 2008
    at 7:20am

    i weighed in at 80kg today. 18 months ago i was 120kg! i’ve lost the 40kg just by walking. i eat kfc, drink 2 much coffee, and so on… – but, you WILL lose a lot of weight if you take a walk every morning and/or every night. :)

  21. Very inspiring stories. I weighed 94kgs. After four months, I am now at 86kg. I am 162cm tall and my ideal weight should be 65kg according BMI…but my preferred ideal weight is 80kg, 75kg perhaps for buffer (I’m not doing it to be slim or skinny). I achieved this by walking 30mins every day and avoided eating unecessarily. steadily, I’ve been losing 2kg per month. I am in no rush to achieve my target and besides, it’s better to lose weight slowly to avoid having excess loose skin. In another 3 months, I would have achieved my target…but the walking will continue.
    I’m so encouraged by the success stories here and all the best to all.

  22. Hi All
    I’m trying to lose 40kg with weight watchers. Has anyone got some advise on how to stop sugar cravings. I have already lost 1.5 kg but fell of the wagon this week please help.

  23. Joseph Brincat Feb 14, 2009
    at 6:38pm

    I lost 50kgs in 1 year. I am 191cm tall and I used to weigh 139kg. Now I am 87kgs. If I was able to do it I think that everyone can try and see results like I did. Today I am very happy with my weight and shape!!

  24. Katrina Marie Feb 16, 2009
    at 12:56pm

    Joseph.. it’d be intreguing if I knew how you managed to do that.. IM trying to lose hm.. I’d say almost 40kg =( now 30, the 10kg I lost was my baby fat from my last child to get back into my 55kg self.

    I’d love to have dietry guidelines.. Excersize routines and anything else to help me.. is my e-mail adress if you could help.


  25. @Joseph Brincat: wat was ur diet plan

  26. georges barakat May 7, 2010
    at 6:05pm

    hey all i’m like 145 kg i have lost 10 kilo but i’m feeling like gaining up some weight what should i do ?? plz help me

  27. georges barakat May 7, 2010
    at 6:10pm

    hey all i’m like 154 kg i have lost 10 kilo but i’m feeling like gaining up some weight what should i do ?? plz help me

  28. @irish_damien:

    Just walk!!!
    i lost fifty kg in two years. just walking, nothing else!! eat what you want, but you HAVE to walk everyday!!
    start walking today if you want to lose weight!

  29. I weigh in at around 120 kg and I’m 14 with a height of 173- 175 cm. I never eat breakfast, hardly lunch but still don’t lose weight. I go out everyday taking walks and sometimes jogging. I never seem to lose weight. Any advice?

  30. Can i also loose 40 kg by doing the way u told

  31. Great job on the blog, it looks great. I am going to save it and will make sure to check weekly

  32. i hope i start losing weight am only 18 and i weigh 105kg….how can i lose weight???

  33. A word of encouragement for anyone trying to lose weight…. it si very possible. I hated looking at myself in the mirror last year. I weighed 120 kg in January 2010 and today (17 August 2010) as I’m sitting typing this, I weigh 76 kg. I’m 161 cm tall and I’m aiming to weigh between 68-70 kg. It hasn’t been easy but with the strong will power and hard work I managed not to give up. Good luck everyone.

  34. @Nombu: may i ask what you did to lose that weigh?


  36. Hi Yolande & Dums

    You can email me on and we’ll talk. I can even show you my before and after pictures just for encouragement. All I can say is, I dont like specially designed diets, so I havent been following any diet. Just been eating only when I’m hungry, gave up on all junk food. I eat only what my body needs, not what I want or desire. I go to the gym 6 days a week, normally treadmill for 45 mins, bike for 20 mins and cross trainer for another 20 mins. It was hard at the begginning but I have adjusted perfectly now and I’m still losing weight. From the 120 kg that I weighed, I now weigh 74.5 kg. If I can do it, so can you.

  37. Thank you so much, i am following your advice, still have a long way to go, but I’m feeling optimistic. My partner is very happy as sex is my favorite exercise:) Seriously, you are changing lives!

  38. Clueless_Girl Feb 24, 2011
    at 2:42am

    Heyy, IM 13 yrs old and I way 90kg and Im 5ft 6. I do try to lose weight by dieting but every year I gain weight mainly becuase im bullied because of the way i look and its mostly guys who bully me and it was one of my closest child hood friends who bullied me and now his younger brother bullies me too. I do try to stay positive but when I went on my last diet I lost 18kg in a month and I brought it back on after my cousins wedding . I was on holiday then and i wanted to look amazing, but because everyone was eating I ate with them too…Major MELTDOWN…Im really self concious of myself and I dont like standing near guys or talking to them or anything because im scared that they’ll be just like other guys. I do also blame my weight because i overeat, not because i mean to overeat but I comfort eat when someone bully’s me which makes it even worse… I really need a diet that i can stick to because my dietition says that if i dont lose weight before i turn 14 then it will be harder for me to lose weight… I really need your feedback. Thank you!

  39. i hope this would work

  40. can some one pleas tell me how to loss 40 kg in a month.

  41. I have always been the big one in my family, everyone is skinny, my mum got the lap band before i was born but now that has gone in over her head and i always get told to lose weight, every though i really want to i seem to lose a small amount and within the next week put it back on… I weigh 95.3kg and i am 163cm tall, i am eighteen and have never not been self consoious.. could someone please tell me how i could look enough maybe 30kg just to feel better about myself?

  42. @Joseph Brincat: I am also curious as well. I am at 107kg, would like to end up at 75kg, so under 40kg is my target goal. How did you do it???????????

  43. abhinav mangla May 14, 2011
    at 1:47pm

    hey!its feel relax 2 see your comment

  44. abhinav mangla May 14, 2011
    at 1:48pm

    hey how can i loose 20 kg in 2 week!plz reply

  45. excuse me,i really want to lose weight but for some reason i’m scare of the excercise machine(look kinda like a bike w/o the seat)can anyone plz give me some suggestions ?

  46. Hello frnds, to loose weight u need to work out and diet a lil bit…do wat u like… I dnt go to gym but I love dancing n I dance for 2 hours evryday n I have lose 20 in 3 months… Eat lots of green food/ salad apple green tea… Avoid drinkin cold water…take care..

  47. @Lulu A: hi has anything worked for you???? please tell me too!!!

  48. I’m worried cos I’m eating right and doing tones of exercise-but lately I’ve started to freak out when I eat too much and throw part of it up. I never force myself to and I hate when it happens, but I’m starting to stress myself out so much over it. I’VE LOST 22KG in the past 2 months through hard work! I don’t want this to turn out bad now because my mind in freaking out but it happens too often.

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  50. IM 23 years of old and 110 KGs with a height of 165 cm. I am like this from my birth. Ok, now I need to reduce my weight by 40 kgs within 12 months. I will walk everymorning for 2 hours,eat a healthy diet, and take proper rest. I will walk and jog in the morning for 2 hours. InshAllah I will be able to reach my destination. I will have to burn. From right now I do these. Please pray for me.

  51. @Tanvir: I will come here after 12 months to tell you what happened. Please make me inspired. I want be a normal man. I am not abnormal!!


  53. @Rida Al Barazi: hey thanks ithink i lost 12 kg and i was weighting 76 thanks alot

  54. hi iam 10 years old plz plz plz tell me how i lose wight becase every one in my familiy laugh at me and sying fat fat fat all day i go home and cry some times i wish to die plz tell me how iam ten 10 plz help be i will love you all my life plz

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  56. IM sick of i give up.wana lose 40KG IN ONE MONTH PLZ HELP MI…IM 92KG,im 1m 72cm,and im 15yrs old..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz drzz

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  58. i am 94 kilos and 24yrs. 164cm tall type two diabetes about to go on insulin……..such a good forum…thnkz for the ideas…will let u guys know how i go in two months. aiming to lose 5 kilos a that will be 10 kilos woooow cant wait

  59. Hi,
    I want to loss 40kilos in 6 months but in case I fail, a within a year at most. I am 24 weigh 96kilos and am 1.6m tall. I have always been the fat one in the family. I have tried different diets but all seem to fail. This time, I don’t want to look at it as a diet, but a proper life style change. Something sustainable & I can live with. No pills, shakes whatsoever.
    Anyone with good advise on how I can achieve this with exercise please do advise. I would appreciate a eating plan with an exercise plan as well.bby 30 June 2012, I want to be 56kilos. Am tired of caring this baggage around. I can’t seem to have fun n it’s frustrating me. My love life has even been affected. Even when I meet someone, I feel like they won’t like me coz am too big. I have decided to put my school on hold so that I can loss weight for the 1st 6 months of the year. I find it difficult to study(CFA), work a full time job and go to the gym 5 or 6 times a week in order to loss the excess weight.
    Anyone with good ideas, please email me on;
    Thank you.

  60. Awesome things here. I am very glad to see your article. Thanks so much and I am having a look forward to contact you. Will you kindly drop me a e-mail?

  61. You really make it appear really easy together with your presentation however I find this topic to be actually something which I feel I’d never understand. It sort of feels too complex and very large for me. I’m looking ahead in your next submit, I will try to get the hold of it!

  62. Hi everyone,Happy new year 2012 to the readers.I am 90 kg at present and 5 ft 5″ tall.desperately need to lose 25 kgs and i strongly believe in myself that i can do it and i have lost weight previously too.Am writing this so that i will visit here after a year and post my desired weight MY ACHIEVEMENT.I will do it by walking and not eating sweet things as i just love sweet food.

  63. Thank you for every other informative blog. The place else may just I get that type of info written in such a perfect approach? I have a project that I’m just now working on, and I’ve been on the look out for such info.

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  65. After 7 years of increasing weight I’ve now lost 17.5kgs, no structured diet or formal support. Although I’ve tried so many times over the years unsuccessfully somehow it clicked. Walking daily listening to music n my thoughts, mindful of my posture n positive self talk helped me to begin a routine. Protein became my friend n no carbs from the arvo onwards. Water water water. Walking turned into hill climbing then RPM classes at the gym 4 times a week plus weights. The routine of exercise as a lifestyle has been my savior, but moreso understanding why food became so soothing for me. It was like my best and worst friend for a long time. I used it to help process my vulnerabilities. Now I try and hold that part of myself in a different way and not push it down with food. I wish so much success for all those trying to find themselves again under the weight. When your ready not to need it anymore emotionally just start walking, walk the emotions out of you daily, eat mindfully, drink heaps of water n start to love yourself again :)

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  69. Hi I’m 16 yrs and weigh 119.4kgs / 185cm and hope to lose 35-40kgs in a couple of months!!

    I am currently using rapid loss and doing regular exercise from Monday to Friday at the gym! Rapid loss has helped me lose 1.3kgs in a week with regular exercise!

    I highly recommend RAPID LOSS for all trying to loose weight!

    && hope to achieve my goal and weigh 80-85kgs by May 2012!!!

    Wish everyone all the best and hope that use all acheive the goal use want to reach!!!!

  70. @Nombu:


  71. Hi.. IM 17 this year… I have more than 90+kg and 165 cm tall(really fat). My BMI is more than 30 which means Im obesity. My target is to loss 35 kg in 9 months. BTW Im Asian people.

  72. Hello,
    I’m 15 turning 16
    I weighed myself at 123.1kg this morning, I have numerous medical conditions which doctors bieleve leads to my over eating, I eat when I’m bored, full and when I’m hungry I eat heaps, I hate the way I look, only sometimes, it doesn’t bother me other times, when I weigh myself thats when it gets me down, like today, I plan to wall every morning and night, well I plan to, I really want to loose weight but I’m scared of going into my own ways, IM scared that I could die. I worked out that I’ve gained 23kg in a year, that hurts so much, I have had exercise equiptment and I sometimes use them, I never used to eat as a child, I was a stick, I think moving everywhere when I was young, and away from my dad and mum moving us state to state to date guys, had an effect on me, because that’s when it all started. When I hit 11-13 that’s when the weight came rushing in, im covered in stretch marks, I want to change, I’m addicted to soft drinks, I have drunk diets softdrinks but I’m back into my old high suger softdrink, I’m going to take what all you say and start tomorrow, I’ll wake up at 4am and go walking before school. I thank you all for starting me on this journey. I cook dinner for my brother and mum, I serve my own food, I always pile on the potato veg and meat, time to change. Thanks everybody xxx

  73. hi….
    frens m just 20 but my weight is 90kg…1years back my weight is 54only..but i don’t know how my weight become 90 kg….
    pls someone give me tips to lose weight..

  74. Hey,I’m 5’1 and weigh 157. I’m 16 years old,and I neeeed to lose weight before summer.i don’t know if 157 Ia bad for a 16 year old that’s 5’1. Everyone says I’m not fat but I know there lieing.i just need some pointers to take advantage at. I’m trying to lose the maximum of 20 pounds? Thank you.

  75. Britt I’m 15 and about the same height but only 118kg.
    Don’t push yourself to loose so much. I have trouble not eating a whole platefull get your mum to cut down your food size. I go walking day and night, 5am and 9pm, ive lost 5kg

  76. IM 21, 175 cm height and weigh 80 kg. I want to lose 20 kg this year. I’m currently started going to the gym for 6 days and jogging every morning. I eat at least small quantities of food 4-5 times a day. Will dis help?

  77. I simply couldn’t leave your site prior to suggesting that I really loved the usual information a person provide in your guests? Is gonna be again frequently in order to investigate cross-check new posts

  78. @Lalitha: Get your thyroid exam done.
    It’s very likely a case of hypothyroid.


    I have to say this blogpost has really instilled a new energy in me.
    I was 18yrs old & weighed 116 kg, I lost 22 of them and was in the 90′s for quiet sometime.
    Today I’m 24yrs old, standing 6’1.5 & weigh 125. :-(

    It’s going to be a tough uphill task … not sure if i’ll be able to do it.

    But once again I’d like to know if it’s safe to run when you weigh 125 ?

  80. wow…the story is wonderful now i am 65kgs i want to reduce 10kgs i got confidence now

  81. IM 30 yrs 108kg at 5.9′… i’ve been fat since 18 yrs old but since last couple of years was thinking to cut off my belly and butts.. i tried to do workout one day in gym 2 years back but i got so tired and it was very embarrassing.. i couldnt even lift a 5kg dumpbell on biceps.. since then i had a fear of going to gym and all the embarrassment infront of gym mates..
    but i keep on pumping my spirit to do it again.. since last 10 days i started to do slow excercises in my room where no one could see me.. 1rst it was pain full, even now i cant do a good set of push ups completely.. but i keep on doing it .. 3 days back i bring dumpbell, barbel and chest rod with baisc weights.. i was afraid of doing weight training for my previous experience.. but i started on day was pain full but good.. next day i rested of muscle soreness.. then today i did a very good workout.. i was feeling the energy in my muscles.. and after i was done.. it was like im young again..
    my fear is gone.. and tommorrow im going to join gym..

  82. IM 17 ..last year my weight is 101.3 kilograms and 174 cm tall .. fell so embarassed with my appearance so i start dieting .. and then after 5 months , i’ve lost 24.5 kilograms and everybody said that im become thinner .. but becoz im so happy my weight increase to 80 kilograms .. so here’s my advice .. don’t be so happy when anybody praises you .. thats all ..

  83. sorry but i think that your diet tips are absurd

  84. @georges barakat: hi 1st of all ishould appreciate you to putting a step forward to reduce your weight . you said your are 137 kgs right!!!. ok first thing you should a weighing machine which should show in kg.gms(0.00) ..lets start . you know one thing you should take right balance food 1)i.e is for one day you should take 1800kcal for a day.
    2)In this you should take calories in the form of protien.
    3)The way of eating should be in 5 portions.
    4)The intake should be low carb food, high in protien, no or low fat.,no oil,no sweet, ok.
    5)for every kg of weight it requires 1 gm of protien , so you can calculate by weight x gram.
    6)before eating you check your weight with point after finish eating you should not weight more than 650 gms. 1 glass of waater = 200gms.,
    7)incase if you weight more do surya namaskar 6 sets it will reduce 97.6 kcal. or 15 to 29 min of walk. maintain your weight.

    definetly you can see wonder.

    you should drink lots of water.,for 60 kgs you should drink 3 liters of wwater you can calculate your weight.,

    incase if you are not full you can have cucumber(k60cal), popcorn 20kcal lemon juice., butter milk(1 sppon of curd 20m=100 ml of water very dilute(10Kcal).

    try to finish before 7.00pm or even before its goood. try too drink some water ., do 20 min of cardio + yoga and some strenches you will feel fresh. if you want too eat chicken and fish not fried one you take grill chicken. you can take 150gms of chicken full protien + salad. if you do all this stuff defiently you will 8-10 kgs intiall month then 4 kgs every month. it will be difficult for two days later you will enjy it . best of luck…..

  85. Sara-Amanda Jun 3, 2012
    at 4:36pm

    Hi.. Well I’m 17, and am 85.4kg and am not that tall.. I have been trying to lose weight over the past 4 years,though it’s not working! after my parents got divorced, I started to gain lots of pounds… And right now i was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes!! so I’m scared.. I would really like to lose 35 kg in 3 month.. Before I turn 18… So any tips?? Thank You(;

  86. kerala-pandit Jun 13, 2012
    at 3:12pm

    IM totally freaked out coz im just 15 and weigh 100 kg. every one make fun of me and stuff. i don have any thing like thyroid/ mum does/ though i hope i had it to make an excuse of.
    its easy to say do this do that but my life is very complicated n i don have time much to think about these things.
    Assignments exams assignments exam………i go to uni too. its not fun and im going india back soon- if i don lose something and fast, i’ll be a laughing stock there

  87. It’s funny how much weight you have can have such an effect on other people. My family keeps telling me to loose weight even the doctor told me that I need to loose 10kg when I just weigh at 90kg So 2 weeks ago I weighed at 91kgs now as of June 19 2012 I weight is 86kg I am very happy about that but I don’t really feel like I am 86 though I have been doing a lot more exercise and have been eating less fat.

  88. Inm 39yrs way 110kg ,would like to 30kg in 3months plz help

  89. IM catherine 13 years old and im weight 57 an 5’4 tall i think im fat!! i need a dietrician

  90. Thank for the good tips. =D
    I need to lose 35 kg. Now I’m 14 and my weight 80 kg and my height only 163 cm. :(

    I need help please.

  91. Hi guys.I,m feeling much better I lost 3kg already.I started walking 1h30 everyday,my target is to lose 27kg.thanks for encouragements I’ll keep you posted with improvemwnts.

  92. hiiiii…… i lost 11 kg and then weighed 88kg in 3 month now my target is to move to 75kg wish me luck……..

  93. i was on a 148kg as at January 19 2012 and now am on 120kg……. am 6’2 tall….. and my target weight is 85,i want to reach that before the ending of April 2013….. do you think i will make it? All i do is watch what i eat,but i still eat 3 times a day and i go 45 mins jogging every morning…. i do that 3or 4 times a week.

  94. I was 136.5 kilos in September 2011, I gave up my regular diet of burgers, pizza’s and chocolates and began eating good foods, meat and vegetables every night, plenty of vegetables. In fact I have not had one takeaway meal since last September and there has not been one instance that I regret eating something. I starting exercising, walking mainly, I don’t jog because I have asthma and cannot get far but I can walk forever if I wanted to. I stepped it up in January 2012 and joined Gym and in the last month have stepped up the exercise a lot more. I am currentlly 98.1Kg’s and I am 1.6kg’s away from losing 40kg’s which I was hoping to reach before 21/9/2012. There is no quick diet, it takes hard work, plenty of commitment and you have to focus on what you want to achieve.

  95. Thank you.

  96. I WAS 131kgs once!
    now IM 70 but i cant lose anymore weight i want to be 60kgs but it just wont come off i work out for 2 hours a day 5x a week its so depressing and eat so dam healthy im sick of it anyone out there can help me i would love to hear what you think?

  97. Thts false u dumb

  98. @Aliya: What is “false and dumb?!

  99. when i get up and look at myself i dont totally like what i was totally coincidental i fell on this blog.I am 23 and 168cm and i weigh is so difficult to keep to a weight prog since i like food.
    now i think i will follow some of advices above and every two weeks i will write my progress down here.
    keep up guys

  100. Hey everyone! I’m also a little overweight… At the beginning of Jan I was 110kg bt I’m now 95 and I don’t know how I lost the weight cz I wasn’t on a diet or some exersize.. Thanks for the posts I’ll consider the tips but from readin I see exersize helps a lot bt the problem with me is that I get tired so easily end up quitting… Any advice?

  101. hi

  102. I’m currently trying to lose a lot of weight in a short period of time. Thanks for this great advice!

  103. Touche. Solid arguments. Keep up the great work.

  104. i want to reduce around 15 kgs and i am starting now itself so let see where i end up with following your tips

  105. First of all, congratulations on losing the weight.
    At 16 I weighed 102kgs. Finally someones mean fat comment struck a nerve and I went on a health kick and lost 30kgs in 9 months. I ate what I wanted and trained for a hour at the gym 6 days a week. After I reached my weight I did nothing to maintain it (stopped going to the gym) and now I’m back at 100kgs.
    I cannot stress it enough, do not stop once you have reached your goal weight.
    Yes I am posting my failure but I want people to know that it comes back and it is very hard to get motivated like that again.

  106. @Megan: hi Megan,
    To beat the plateau you need to mix it up.
    If you are only doing cardio, do more weights or vice versa. I had the same problem after I had lost 25kgs. You need to “shock” your body.

  107. ggud even to all of u,here is 114 kg with 5’10″ height,age 35 years. lost my job & in to the depression.Now & immediate i have decided to start working out,anyway i am & used to walk for half an hour regularly,but now i take madatory,to come back in my life. Friends along with me have achieved their career goal by now & i am still hanged,let’s c the difference,i keep posting all of u.

  108. hey i am from U.A.E and i want to loose weight in just 1 and a half month becos in mid of feb my exams will be start so please give me some good tips to loose weight of about 35kg in 1 and a half month

  109. hey guys,
    it all sounds true. the more simple plan you follow, the more you lose.

    going for a walk as soon as 10 mins after meals helps a, drink lots of water.
    donot cut any foods just try to consume less sugar and oils/ghee etc.
    results can be seen as soon as 2 weeks.

    if you canot see any change in your body shape donot get discouraged. try to focus that you donot feel breathless after a short walk as it use to happen before.

    as we have gained weight over the last few years , your body needs a few months to heal back to normal and to respond to your changes.

    the golden rules are:
    *walk every day, if possible twice
    *drink lots of water
    *less sugar and fats


  110. Hey guys, am 16 I weigh like 110 kg yh, I really need to loose like 30kg before I go to school may, pls is that possible, 30kg in 3 months?, someone pls kindly reply me !!!!

  111. I’m 16 weighing 115kg’s I started eating less bwt a wik ago,my clothes feel a little loose nd sum r almst fittng I’m a size 44 nd I’m hoping 2 lose bwt 20 kg’s in myb 6 mnths,I’l try playng a bit nd walkng thnx 4 da inspiration

  112. Heya i am for the primary time here. I found this board and I to find It really useful & it helped
    me out a lot. I hope to give something back and help others like you aided

  113. IM 15 years old im 1.68cm and weigh 57 kilos // but when im on a diet i lose 1 kilo per day ???

  114. mohamed ali Feb 2, 2013
    at 9:19am

    that helps me very much
    I’m 21 years old, 170 tall and I weigh 127 kilos
    ur stories U guys inspired me to lose some weight >> by the way walking every day very helpful
    and boxing it feels like u punch ur fears and pain and get rid of them
    40 kilos so hard , but not impossible >>wish me luck > good luck 4 all

  115. hi, i m turning 31 in tiz march weigh 87′ ht 5.5″. I was 105 kg last yr . I jst chnge my lif styl. Little bit in meal tyming . Add hr walk in routine after isha . . Nw plaetuu phase last ramzan my wt stuck at 87 ‘. my ideal wt 60 needs to reduce 27 kg more . Plz help me out how should i reduce

  116. i want to reduce weight upto 20 kg plz plz hrlp me out wat should i do . plz guide me i m 87kg , 30 yr old , ht 5.5″. i m not rich n cant afford treadmill , bike other accessories . I m doing brisk wal kfrom last 2 wk . Control diet . plz gv mv me som tip atleast i wanna to reduce 6 kg till da end of march .

  117. i weigh in at 93 kilos at the age of 12 i need to lose 20 kilos in at least 6 weeks can someone please give me advice asap

  118. Bronnie Robertson Feb 8, 2013
    at 9:30am

    What a wonderful perspective into loosing weight. Well done!

  119. Pls I need someone to help me I,m a female and i’m 70 kelo grams I’m 14 years old and I was 85 kg but I’m on a diet since 2 month that’s why I became 70 kg but still I want to loose 10 kg but my weight is not changing pls pls pls I need to loose these 10 kg if any one has a diet for me pls pls pls I beg u

  120. hey great site. Iv been jogging/walking and doing light weights for a hour or 2 a day 5 days a week aswell as just drinking water for 2 weeks and have lost 5kg:) still want to loose another 25kg which IM sure i will

  121. the last time i was on here, i was 120kg and i started from 148kg….. am so happy to tell you all on here that right now am weighing 98kg……. though i still have some 13kg to burn, but am so happy to tell all you my friends on here that am progressing and i cant wait to hit my target before the ending of April……. you can do it too…. lets go

  122. Plz plz plz help me I’m 16 I’m in grade 11 I am almost a 100kg…… Next year will be my graduation, and I’m afraid that I won’t find a date I need 2 loose weight likin as soon as possible pls pls pls pls…… Give me some advise

  123. hi i am 22 i have four kids the eldest one is 4 , n the youngest is 2 months…so u can imagine how my life is i want to lose 40kg i weigh 100kg and my height is 5’6 i read al ur posts n i wil start my diet from now 7 april 2013

  124. hey man nice post,we’re at the same boat,iam 188 cm i used to weight 125 kg and then i went down to 81 kg,but i think that i became skinny-fat,i am still struggling with my belly

  125. Kim Van Weert May 9, 2013
    at 9:10am

    Some good suggestions here. On the 1/1/11 I weighed in at 153.7kg (I’m 5′ 6″ male)and after exactly 60 weeks I reached my goal of losing 87kgs. For me the battle is in the head…weight loss isn’t a wish or a want – it has to became a MUST. Get the mindset right and the healthy eating and exercise will follow. I did it (with a huge hernia, asthma and bad back) – so can you.

  126. Maram ElHefnawy May 13, 2013
    at 11:49pm

    I am 17 i weight 92kg and i am 167 cm and going to college next year and I really need to start losing weight now since i meed to be 65 so i am going to start the diet right now and hopefully stick to it till the end

  127. I’m 17 and am in year 12 due to the stress of the work load i have ended up at 90kg! Which is about 25kg more that i’d like to be, i’m onlt 5 foot 5 and would love any tips any one could give me ontop of everything thanks :)

  128. Mehhn, excersing rily freaks me out. Am currently weighing 90kg and its givin me hell of a hard time. Besides, pple only eat well wen dey hav sumtin nice to eat, i’ll giv ur concept a try. Stay tuned

  129. I’m a 26 year old female weighing about 130kgs I think this is some helpful information and am definitely going to give it a try. I think its time I started living a healthier life for the better……

  130. Lourence Flores Jun 22, 2013
    at 3:04pm

    Last three days ago, I decided to change my life and make a target this coming Dec 2013 weighted from 93kg to 63kg. It added my motivation after I read all the testimony and comments here, hoping that I will reach the same success you achive all guys… ever since I having had possitive attitude that everything I wanted to be… I can get it by my strong determination and beleive for my self… Presently I controlled the food I take… as much as possible less rice but more on vege and fruits… (apple is my number one fruit survival), I also used to walked daily one hour atleast, drink a lot of water and get enough sleep. Hopefully my next comments or testimony is I share the success of my weight loss experience… and IM looking forward in it… thank guys… keep it up… exercise as much as you can……

  131. Karthikeyalagan Jun 27, 2013
    at 1:43am

    Hi friends.
    Iam 17 years old …………..iam 181 cm …………….and my weight is about 100 kg. What to do ? Much worried about it please help me

  132. hello rami i am 131 kg and i am 18 and i want to lose 40 kg but it is so hard and i tried many dieting techniques but none of the have helped me so i was wondering do you have any tips that i can use thanks

  133. Hey!
    IM 17years old female and my height is about 5’8.5” almost 175 CMS.
    I weigh a 100kilos! Its really very embarassing. I wasnt always this fat, in the past 2years after i came back from boarding school, all my physical activities got cut off. When i was at school, i was about 72kgs thats just 4kgs overweight.
    The problem with me is I lose interest, i go gyming one day and the next day i dont feel like it. I control my diet but start getting serious cravings! I really am missing out A LOT because of this fat. You think Yoga would benefit me?

  134. Hi, I do believe this is a great website. I stumbledupon it
    ;) I may return yet again since I saved as a favorite it.
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  135. Hey guys :)

    IM Female, 24 yrs old, 5’10 and am 2 weeks into my weightloss journey. My start weigh-in [24th june] was 125kgs and my goal weight is roughly 90-95kgs. My plan is “short term pain for a long term gain” so am looking to lose only 2kgs a month which will initially result to 24kgs in the first year. In result of reaching my goal weight I am also planning to change my eating habits over a permanent period not just temporary. I plan to slowly slowly incorporate certain changes within my diet between 2 to 3 week spaces so I can make permanent changes and this will evedentally stop myself from piling on weight after i’ve previously lost it. I’ve also got an excersize routine which consist of mon & wed personal training, tue, thur & fri, self training [cardio, boxing, game drills etc], sat light boot camp workout and sunday rest day. I will keep my progress posted every 6 months [hopefully I].

    Theres more to my dietry and excersizing so if you want any tips plz comment below with an email address and i’ll help you in any way I can. Thankyou, & goodluck to everyone on the journeys.

    • Jaz
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  137. Hi Scatterism,

    Never really thought about it the way you have put it. I think 3 meals a day is more than enough, our bodies only require a little amount of food to keep us going. If you feel you need to eat make it that breakfast is where you do it, then have a sandwich for lunch maybe a piece of fruit and yoghurt for a little protein, then dinner only needs to be very small. I need to loose about 35 kilos, I have gained this in only the past 3 years. I walk 2-3 days a week from work it takes me 1 hour to walk, this is a great bit of exercise. 3 hours a week. I will try my hardest to change my eating habit too just three meals a day, making breakfast the meal where prehaps I eat what I want as part of a healthy breakfast. Thanks for your statement above scatterism.

  138. I have been previously asking yourself lose weight fast fast and I’ve been told Phen375 slimming pills is easy the top diet pill

  139. Hey every body, thank u for sharing those amazing stories and experiences. I weight 90 kgs IM 174 cm and i want to lose 20 kgs, i live and work in uae. My problem is that when im on adiet i get confused about my calories and what actually to eat.. So i quite quickly and start eating again…Any advice plzzz

  140. Hi.I’m 26 n I wigh 90kg! I did diet before no real excercises but was on apetite suppressants! In 2 weeks I lost 5kg! Then I got realli sick wid a lot of abdo pains! Then I stopped the diet n pills now I’m back 2 90kg! Wats ur best advice 4 me! Thanks!

  141. hi i am 19 i Weight 115 i am 182cm i loss 20 kg by Mountaineering in just two month my country iran have lot of beautiful mountains so if you want loss weight in short time i recommend you start by Mountaineering

  142. Hi, great webpage you’ve gotten going here.

  143. Hai to all my frds am ravi am 5’8 87 kg now but once i was 105 kg only i did was going walking normal work outs but i need come 65 kg for me all u guys r amasing because i know wat it like is reduce u know i need ur help my upper body has to be redused pls some one help me for use tips so i will give it a try mail me thank u all my frds.

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  147. you said excactly what u relly wanted to hear….you motivated me and because of your blog my lfe will change..thnxx alot

    at 12:40pm

    Iam 99kg now currently in OMan,. i love my body i can’t say actually hate my look and not able to fitt my body properly in good jean or shirt but today i will make suer i will follow ur step

  149. I need to lose weight fast

  150. wow

  151. i loss 35 kgs in almost 5 months i was 120kg before now i am 85 kg and 85kg is perfect as m 6’2″ i am very very happy … i used herbelife weight loss product and BTW this product will help you to loss weight but if you really wants to loss weight then work hard guyz … i usd to had herbelife shake in morning and innight i skippd ny brekfast and dinner and i usd to hv shake ..lunch is compelsary ….. n avoide tea and rice and have glass of hot water after luch and guyz do workout … now ia m enjoying my life .. if you really wants to loss weight then make a diet chat make a exersize chat n follow ……… and most important thing is commitment ..just decide that you wants to loss weight and make targets n work hard :) i am gonna star going gym now and gonna make 6 packs .. :) all the best guys hope that you guys will surely get you dream body :)

  152. I saw all comments n I saw positiveness as well as I build it in my mind,,, am 180 cm height n 81.5 kg weight, before one year i was perfect wit 70 kg nw its really making me laggy, always tired,,,,, I started smoking since from 2 years n I got fed up, I drink oly one brand that too once in weak “rum”,,,, I knw if I workout daily means I ill get back to my normal life,,, but smoking not leaving me, or I am not at all ready to leave it bt I want to leave,,, I smoke 3 cigarettes per day,,, drinking is not an issue becoz I can leave without it,,, I ill start excise nw onwards,,,, guys plz dnt ever start anything bad habits for fun or for lifestyle becoz once u start it will ruine ur life so avoid it, dnt listen to anyone at any situation,,,,, thank u for being patient


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