Taking Seth’s Advice

This is not a post to discourage you from having a Blog. It is a post to discourage you from having a BAD Blog

— Roger Anderson, Having a Blog Can Be Bad For Business

It is true that having a “bad” blog can hurt your business, but the very definition of a bad blog is relative. Not to mention that blogging isn’t about business in the first place.

It’s improbable that you would start with a good blog. In fact, a blog starts as “bad” the second that publish button is hit, and it carries on either improving, “deproving”, or keeping its exact same status for years.

Regardless. Whether your blog is one week, or one year old, whether it has one, or one thousand posts, as long as you have something to say, just say it. You can’t hurt your online image if you don’t have one; you’ll shift from resembling a blip, to resembling a blog.

In Blog Mastermind, Yaro says he makes a consistent $4-6K every month only from blogging. I pay to host and publish mine. But does it really matter? Should I stop? Was it a mistake to start this blog? I like to think not.

Write when you have something you think is important to say. Write even those few words you have to say about yourself, or even your cat. Write just to say “Hello World!”. Heck, write a BAD blog and take it from there. Write, even if you only have one post in you.

P.S. Thank you Seth.

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  1. Rami,
    Thanks for your input on this issue. You are correct that not all blogs are about business. My point was just that a blog for a business can do damage if it is done wrong. Just as a personal blog can get you into trouble if you say things that get you into trouble. If you go for a job and they search to see what you have said it can come back to haunt you.

    A blog can also help you. If I was looking for a programmer and you came to me I would say, just from the cursory browse I did of your blog, that I can tell what your attitude and skill level is. That should work in your favor.

    I define bad as harmful. Your are correct that the first post or the first 50 posts may not be the best representation of your skill or thoughts. The trouble is that few people get past the first 50 posts. Then they leave it incomplete and aging. If what you say does damage to your career or business then it was not a good idea. If what you write just shows that you need to work on grammar, punctuation, and spelling, then no I don’t think that does much harm, unless you wanted to be a writer.

    I wrote my piece as a part of two posts on the subject. I did so because years ago, I was asked very frequently if companies should have web sites. Today we say they all should. I still think that you should not if you are going to present yourself and your company poorly. It drives people away. If it is worth doing, it is worth doing it right.

  2. You’re absolutely right, everyone is responsible for any words that escape their heads. It doesn’t matter if they whisper, speak, or blog.

    I think that where it concerns business, blogs are just another marketing tool, like printed ads and TV commercials. They’re like that news section from “Web 1.0″. They should be used with care, since they’re explicitly sending a message; unlike when a personal blog outlines its author’s character.

    I’m still wondering though: if a blog never leaves the 50-posts barrier, is it not worth starting?

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